St. Mary's Seminary & University

DMin Research Modules

Concurrently with coursework, students learn ministry research and design in three self-paced, online ministry modules. 

Researching Ministry (2 credits)
The first module is taken during the first year of coursework. This module prepares students to do high quality, context specific ministry research. Students will 1) understand why ministry needs research; 2) develop a significant, but achievable, research question; 3) begin work on a project-specific bibliography; and 3) identify data needs and potential participants for the development and execution of the envisioned project.

Creating Ministry (2 credits)
The second module is taken during the second year of coursework. This module prepares students to design high quality, high impact ministry. Students will 1) learn to critically examine their context, in order to develop the most appropriate intervention or resource; 2) consider more deeply the most appropriate data to be collected (including the timing of such collection), with emphasis on the pros and cons of various types of data; 3) learn about various ways to evaluate data; and 4) reflect on their own ministry calling and the role this project plays in that calling.

Proposing Ministry (2 credits)
The third module is ordinarily taken after coursework is completed. It is a hybrid, beginning on-line and concluding with an in-person approval of the student’s ministry project proposal.  Students will develop a feasible proposal (including workable plans for implementation, revision, and documentation) and secure a Project Advisor.