St. Mary's Seminary & University

Biblical Studies

The Bible has nourished and directed the Jewish and Christian traditions as believers have heard the revelatory words of God through the history, poetry, prophetic discourses, gospels, and letters it contains. St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute courses in biblical studies are intended to acquaint students with the biblical texts and cultures, the basic skills of biblical interpretation, biblical languages, and the interrelationship between the Bible and other theological disciplines as well as the life of faith.

Note the following abbreviations: PR = prerequisite; CR = corequisite; PR/CR = either a prerequisite or a corequisite. Corequisites may be taken either at the same time as or before the course listed. Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived only with the permission of the Dean and the instructor. 

BS600 Orientation to Biblical Studies

An introduction to academic biblical studies, with attention to the nature and development of biblical literature, tools for research, and methods of interpretation (exegesis). This course is a pre- or corequisite for most other courses in biblical studies. PR = none.

BS611 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I

A basic course on the grammar and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew. PR = none.

BS612 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II

A continuation of BS611, with reading in the Hebrew Bible. PR = BS611.

BS613 Introduction to Biblical Greek I

A basic course on the grammar and vocabulary of New Testament Greek. PR = none.

BS614 Introduction to Biblical Greek II

A continuation of BS613, with reading in the Greek New Testament. PR = BS613.

BS621 The Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Bible

An introduction to the theological content of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings in their historical and social contexts, with consideration of critical methodology and major themes. PR/CR = BS600.

BS622 The Literature and Theology of the New Testament

An exploration of the New Testament in its historical and social settings, focusing on the unique purpose and theology of each writing, with attention to the origins of the New Testament canon. PR/CR = BS600.

BS629 Scripture and Sprituality

An exploration of the intersection between Scripture, theology, and spirituality through a variety of practices. Cross-listed as SP629. PR/CR = NONE

BS630 The Prophetic Literature

A survey of the major writings of the prophetic movement in ancient Israel from the eighth century B.C.E. until the rise of apocalypticism. PR/CR = BS600, TH601. 

BS669 Study Tour: The Cities of Paul and John

A study trip to Turkey and Greece to visit the sites and explore the contexts related to the writings of the Apostle Paul and John the Seer, the author of the Book of Revelation. Cross-listed as H669. PR/CR = BS600, TH601 (or permission of instructor).

BS690-692 Readings in Biblical Greek I-III

Reading of selected passages of the Greek New Testament to develop facility in grammatical analysis and enlarge vocabulary (2 credits). PR = BS614.

BS700 Biblical Interpretation in the Church

An examination of the role of Scripture and of various methods of biblical study in the life of the church. PR = BS600, TH601, and at least one previous BS course.

BS711 The Gospel of John

An exploration of the historical context, literary features, spirituality, and theological significance of the fourth Gospel. PR = BS600, TH601. Also offered as BS511. PR= BS600, TH601.

BS714 The Psalms

A study of representative psalms as the songs of ancient Israel, Judaism, and the Christian church. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS715 The Letters & Theology of Paul

An analysis of several of Paul’s letters in their historical context and the chief theological and ethical themes in them. PR= BS600, TH601.

BS716 Biblical and Ecumenical Perspectives on Mary

An exploration of Mary’s role in Scripture and in the life of the church as mother of Jesus and model disciple in light of recent ecumenical scholarship and dialogue. Cross-listed as ES716. PR = TH601 and either BS622 or BS635.

BS717 The Gospel of Mark

An analysis of the composition, content, and theological significance of the Gospel of Mark. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS718 Women in the New Testament

A study of the various roles of and perspectives on women in the New Testament, women’s status in the first century, and their relations with Jesus. PR = BS600, TH601, and either BS622, BS635, or BS715.

BS719 The Gospel of Matthew

An analysis of the composition, content, and theological significance of the Gospel of Matthew. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS733 Romans: Paul’s Gospel Then and Now

An historical, theological, and literary exploration of Paul’s most significant letter, with attention to its contemporary implications for faith and life. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS760 First Corinthians

An historical, exegetical, and theological analysis of Paul’s first canonical letter to the Corinthians. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS764 The Book of Revelation and its Interpreters

An analysis of the last book of the Bible in its first-century context, and a consideration of some of its many interpretations through the centuries. PR = BS600, TH601.

BS794 Seminar in Biblical Studies

A seminar on a topic in biblical studies. PR = BS600, TH601, and at least two additional BS courses, or matriculation in the C.A.S. program.

BS795 Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible

An exegetical seminar on a book or several passages from the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible book or selected passages of various writings. PR = BS600, BS612.

BS796 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament

An exegetical seminar on a New Testament book or selected passages of various writings. PR = BS600, BS614.