St. Mary's Seminary & University

Theological Studies

Courses carrying the prefix TH are introductory or cumulative-experience courses that focus on the integration of various theological disciplines.

Note the following abbreviations: PR = prerequisite; CR = corequisite; PR/CR = either a prerequisite or a corequisite. Corequisites may be taken either at the same time as or before the course listed. Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived only with the permission of the Dean and the instructor.

TH601 Introduction to Theological Study

An introduction to the study of theology, including a survey of its major disciplines, review of research-paper techniques, and hands-on experience with the practical tools and methods of theological research and writing. This three-credit course is a pre- or corequisite for most 600- and 700-level courses. PR = none.

TH603 Philosophy for Understanding Theology

An introduction to significant thinkers and ideas in western philosophy, with the particular aim of engaging in theological discourse.  PR = NONE.

TH651 Text and Tradition: Health, Healing, and Human Flourishing in the Biblical Narrative 

Students will understand the central vision of human health and flourishing in Scripture, highlighting the most relevant texts, practices, and topics, and will be able to assess how others (patients, fellow congregants, clients, clinicians) are relating Scripture to their health situations. (3 credits)

TH652 What People Believe Matters – World Religions’ Views on Health and Illness

Students will identify the beliefs, prayers, and rituals surrounding illness and dying in major world religions, noting similarities and differences between those of Christianity and of non-Christian traditions, and the spiritual practices that each religion encourages for health and flourishing, becoming competent to recognize the importance of these beliefs and practices, and to respond to them with humility, openness, and hospitality. (2 credits)

TH653 Science Looks at Faith: The “Faith & Health” Movement 

Students will critically describe and evaluate connections between faith and health that have been proposed historically and in contemporary “faith and health” studies, becoming competent to critically assess claims that faith helps or hinders health and healing. (1 credit)

TH654 Medicine and Morality: The Shape of Curing and Caring in the Christian Tradition

Students will understand how the Christian moral tradition has traditionally understood the “good of the body” (i.e., health) and subsequently influenced the historical practice of so-called “western” medicine, becoming competent to evaluate the moral conflicts that often arise between the Christian tradition and modern medical practice. (3 credits)

TH655 I and Thou – The Imperative of Relationships

Students will explain the importance of relationship in healing, both from individual and communal perspectives, becoming competent to demonstrate healthy relational skills, including respectful interaction, active listening, and caring presence. (1 credit)

TH790 C.A.S. Directed Reading Course

An intensive directed-reading course, conducted as an independent study, that serves as the capstone experience of the C.A.S. program. PR = completion of most course work for C.A.S. and permission of the Dean.

TH793 Thesis Proposal Preparation

 A one-credit course designed to assist students seeking to write a thesis in its proposal preparation

TH799 Theology Colloquium

An interdisciplinary seminar, with classic readings from Scripture, theology, philosophy, and literature, that seeks to integrate and broaden the educational experiences of M.A. in Theology candidates. PR = minimum GPA of 3.5, completion of 38 credits, and intention to graduate in current academic year, or matriculation in the C.A.S. program.

TH800 M.A. in Theology Thesis

The first semester of a two-semester sequence of supervised thesis research.

TH801 M.A. in Theology Thesis

A continuation of TH800. PR = TH800.