St. Mary's Seminary & University


Any student may informally focus on an area of the curriculum by choosing departmental courses and electives according to his or her interests. In consultation with their advisor, the Dean, and/or the Director of the M.A. in Theology (MAT) program, students may also design formal concentrations in a specific area (e.g., biblical studies), a narrower sub-discipline of theology (e.g., Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, New Testament), or an inter-disciplinary area (e.g., the Bible and Christian ethics). A concentration consists of six courses (seven if a thesis is written), of which no more than two may be independent studies. Normally the concentration will have a mixture of specific requirements and unspecified electives.

Students wishing to pursue an individualized concentration should meet with either the Dean, the Director of the MAT program, or their advisor to select an area of concentration and design the course content of the concentration. The proposed concentration must be approved by both the advisor and the Dean or the Director of the MAT program.