St. Mary's Seminary & University


The Knott Library

St. Mary’s Seminary and University’s Marion Burk Knott Library is the largest theological library in Baltimore. Read more …

The Student Lounge

A non-resident student lounge, primarily for St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute (EI) students, is located on the main level near the Forum. It has an area for studying and eating, as well as a kitchen equipped with refrigerator, microwave, coffee service, and vending machines.

The St. Mary’s Dining Hall

St. Mary’s dining hall, the dining room for resident students and faculty, is available for EI student use during the academic year for lunch, and on most weeknights for a lite dinner at 5:00 p.m. E.I. students are asked to purchase their meals by 5:30, when the seminarians come to dinner after evening prayer, and to leave the dining room by 6 pm when classes begin. The dining hall is closed to EI students for certain special events, on weekends, and during the summer. Meal tickets for lunch and the lite dinner are available at the library.

St. Mary’s Chapel and Liturgies

The Chapel is the center, both architecturally and spiritually, of St. Mary’s Seminary. Each weekday, seminarians attend morning prayer, daily mass, and evening prayer in the Chapel. St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute students are invited to attend evening prayer (at about 5:15 p.m.), where they will be welcomed and assisted by seminarians. Although the EI does not generally sponsor services of worship, it does encourage its students and faculty to participate in St. Mary’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Service.

The Center for Continuing Formation

St. Mary’s Center for Continuing Formation offers non-credit day and residential programs to support Roman Catholic priests, other clergy, lay ministers, and other leaders in church and society in their vocations. In its programs, which include residential weeks for priests, seminars on Scripture, and shorter programs for Church ministers, as well as its undergraduate-credited Youth Theological Studies program for area high school students, the Center provides and hosts opportunities for theological updating, spiritual formation, and the enhancement of pastoral skills. The Center’s premier conference facilities are also available for hosting meetings. The Center may be contacted at 410.864.4100.