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The development of the beliefs, organization, and socio-political character of the Christian communities both in the East and the West is explored in the history courses of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute. The roots of our shared religious past as well as the rich heritage of ethnic and denominational traditions are explored as helpful resources for our contemporary self-understanding.

Note the following abbreviations: PR = prerequisite; CR = corequisite; PR/CR = either a prerequisite or a corequisite. Corequisites may be taken either at the same time as or before the course listed. Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived only with the permission of the Dean and the instructor.

H601 Early and Medieval Church

A survey of the major theological and historical developments of the Christian church from the early church to the eve of the Reformation.  PR/CR = TH601.

H603 Modern Church History

A survey of the history of Christianity from the 16th-century Reformations to the present. PR/CR = TH601. 

H669 Study Tour: The Cities of Paul and John

A study trip to Turkey and Greece to visit the sites and explore the contexts related to the writings of the Apostle Paul and John the Seer, the author of the Book of Revelation. Cross-listed as BS669. PR/CR = BS600, TH601 (or permission of instructor).

H703 The Life and Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.

An historical, theological, and socio-cultural analysis of King’s writings, with attention to influences on his thought and to his legacy. Cross-listed as MT703. PR = TH601.

H720 The Church and the Civil Rights Movement

An historical, theological and socio-cultural analysis of some of the major people, places and events of the Civil Rights movement, with particular focus on the implications of the movement for the contemporary church.  PR/CR = TH601.