St. Mary's Seminary & University


“The Best Kept Secret in the Region!”

~Parent of a Pinkard Scholar


This course offers theological depth to high school students found nowhere else. You also make great friends!

You know how much trouble I have had believing in a God but the way you always respected me has made that belief believable. I loved taking the course and talking with others who care about sacred things. Thanks so much. I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking about how important these fifteen weeks have been.

This has been a life-changing experience. I have always been drawn to thinking about God and to service projects but this course put the reasons behind those actions. I have a lot to think about for the future and now I have some categories to use when I think about my future.

It was the most fabulous experience of my life. I had a whole new understanding of creation and of how God is involved in all that he has created. I gained a whole new understanding of what it means to belong to Jesus. Resurrection is not just about after-life, it is about living it now.


The impact of the course upon my daughter and family has been very positive. She has cultivated a very articulate, mature spirituality grounded in well-reasoned theology and scripture. She has developed robust skills of hermeneutics and moral reasoning. She has a much stronger and self-proclaimed faith. She also has a much stronger and clearer Catholic identity, which is an anchor for her as a young adult in a complex world. I am extremely grateful that she had the opportunity to take this course. It was one of the most pivotal events of her life.

My son thoroughly enjoyed every class. As soon as he got in the car he talked about the class and the discussion. He also shared the class with his dad and sister at home. He liked to challenge us with his knowledge. I have already recommended the class to every sophomore and parent I know at his school and to our campus minister. I’m so thrilled my son had the opportunity.

Nominating School:

The course has become so popular at our high school that we have to do our own admission’s process in order to nominate our three candidates. Past participants come back and talk about how valuable an experience this is. The demand for this level of study runs high and we thank St. Mary’s for offering this opportunity.

Nominating Pastor:

Each year I look forward to seeking out at least one young person from our church who would value this opportunity. Why? Because I have seen the impact this class has had on the lives of those who have participated. They have learned much, shared much, and looked out upon the world with fresh vision…with a way of making some sense of their life right now…with God, self, and others in the mix!

Youth Ministry Leadership:

The college credit course is exactly what young Catholic/Christian leaders need. The Archdiocese provides leadership training and justice education for its young leaders but this course has taught us that theological education is the third pillar of leadership development. St. Mary’s is providing a valuable and necessary service not only to youth but also to the Church. Studying at St. Mary’s also adds credibility to the experience of theological education.