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Here you will find the forms required to begin the application process:

Applicant Checklist

The following documents are necessary for processing your application. Copies of documents on file with your vocation director are acceptable. However, to complete the application file, OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS must be sent directly to St. Mary’s from the academic institutions attended by the applicant.

In order to expedite the application process, you should adhere to the following steps in gathering and forwarding your documents:

Step 1: Send
  • Application form, completed and signed. (Please type or print.)
  • Letter of Sponsorship from the bishop or vocation director of your sponsoring diocese.
  • Statement on Priesthood. Use separate document. (Please type or print.)
  • Application fee of $40.
  • A recent photograph, no larger than 3 x 5”.
  • If F1 (or non-U.S. citizen), copy of all pages of current visa and passport.
Step 2: Send
  • Psychological test results (no more than one year old). The testing takes approximately six to eight weeks. In many instances, tests conducted by your diocese can be used by St. Mary’s.
  • An Autobiographical Account (four pages, double-spaced) is required, describing: your family and home life; your spirituality; education; socialization; and work experience. The essay must also include your perceptions of readiness for seminary formation and the major strengths and limitations you possess as a potential seminarian. (Please type or print.)
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts must be sent directly to St. Mary’s from the academic institutions attended by the applicant. PHOTOCOPIES ARE NOT SUFFICIENT. Contact the registrar from ALL the schools you attended to have an official transcript sent directly to St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Office of the Registrar, 5400 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210.
    • Official High School Transcript (if non-U.S. citizen).
    • Official College Transcript/s.
    • Official Theology and/or Graduate School Transcript/s, if applicable.
  • Latest TOEFL test scores (if non-native speaker of English).
Step 3: Send
  • Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates (copies are accepted).
  • A copy of the Physical Exam Report (no more than two years old) required by your diocese.
  • Tuberculosis and HIV test results as well as meningococcal vaccine (or meningococcal waiver) for all students.
  • Evaluation of Applicant’s Previous Ministerial Performance (if applicable) from current or most recent ministry placement. Use accompanying form. (Please type or print.)
  • Employee Performance Review (if applicable) from current or most recent employer. Use accompanying form. (Please type or print.)
  • Federal Criminal Background Check results.
  • Local Criminal Background Check results.
  • International Background Check results (if non-U.S. citizen).
Step 4
  • Personal Interviews. Applicants are required to come to St. Mary’s for a personal interview. The Vice Rector’s office will contact you to arrange the date for the interview.

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