St. Mary's Seminary & University

Distance Learning for Continuing Formation

St. Mary’s Center for Continuing Formation offers a complete Distance Learning program for Continuing Formation opportunities.

The program includes courses for priests, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers. It includes asynchronous video sessions as well as opportunities for group discussion with the presenters.

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What Is Included in a Course

Most courses are three sessions of recorded content plus the extra live discussion session (which will be recorded for later playback). Some courses have more sessions and some are special single-session presentations.

All courses will link to their own private web page which include:

  • additional resources and/or links on the topic
  • the video presentations
  • an audio file of each presentation as well. Participants can download the audio file to their mobile device for use as “podcasting” option as well, receiving another option for taking the course in a way most convenient for them.

Most courses launch in January 2024 and registration is now open.

Links will be provided below for the course description pages containing registration buttons.

2024 Courses

The following courses are now available. Register for a course(s) by using the “Register” button that accompanies the course description. Follow the link to the page dedicated to the audience of which you are a part (priest, deacon, layperson).

Most courses are three sessions of asynchronous recorded content plus the extra live (and recorded) discussion session with the presenter. Some courses will be single-session presentations with audio-only podcast options.

Programs for Priests

Priest taking an online course.Key topics for priestly life and ministry. Among the topics offered are:

  • Striking Balance: How to Live a Balanced Life (for Priests)
  • Pastoring a Diverse Parish (coming soon)
  • Pastoring Multiple Parishes
  • Being an Evangelizing Parish (coming soon)

See the Courses for Priests…

Programs for Deacons

A deacon ministering at Ash WednesdayFocusing on diaconal ministerial and life experience. Among the topics offered for deacons:

  • Guiding Sponsors and Candidates
  • Living a Balanced Life (for Deacons)

See the Courses for Deacons…

Programs for Lay Ecclesial Ministers

A lay minister taking an online course.Uniquely focused on challenges for lay ministers. Courses include:

  • Fulfilling Volunteer Opportunities for Parishioners
  • Living a Balanced Life (for lay ministers)

See the Courses for Lay Ministers…

Special Programs for All Groups

An image of a participant in online learningAmong the topics offered to all groups:

  • Jesus Was a Refugee
  • Synodality in the Local Church
  • Ministering to Persons with Autism

Information and Registration link for this course will be found in each group’s course page.