St. Mary's Seminary & University

Moral Theology

The response of faith to classical questions of right and wrong as well as new issues raised by contemporary society make ethics a primary theological concern. In moral theology (theological ethics) courses, the role of Scripture in ethical decision-making, the nature of personhood, the ability to reason, the meaning of virtue, and the testimony of the Christian ethical tradition are investigated in the light of personal and global ethical concerns.

Note the following abbreviations: PR = prerequisite; CR = corequisite; PR/CR = either a prerequisite or a corequisite. Corequisites may be taken either at the same time as or before the course listed. Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived only with the permission of the Dean and the instructor. 

MT600 Fundamentals of Theological Ethics

A survey of the major foundational themes in Christian ethics, such as sin and virtue, moral development, conscience and character, Scripture and ethics, and approaches to selected contemporary issues. PR/CR = TH601.

MT691 Contemporary Roman Catholic Ecclesiology and Ethics

An in-depth study of the nature, ministry, and mission of the church in Catholic teaching as the context for examining current issues. Cross-listed as ST691. PR = TH601, MT600, ST601.

MT703 The Life and Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.

An historical, theological, and socio-cultural analysis of King’s writings, with attention to influences on his thought and to his legacy. Cross-listed as H703. PR = TH601.

MT713 The Theology and Ethics of Hospitality

An examination of the biblical, theological, and moral aspects of hospitality and their relation to contemporary moral and political issues. Cross-listed as ST713. PR = TH601.

MT720 The Church and the Civil Rights Movement

An historical, theological and socio-cultural analysis of some of the major people, places and events of the Civil Rights movement, with particular focus on the implications of the movement for the contemporary church.  PR/CR = TH601.

MT721 Christian Bioethics

A survey of fundamental issues in, and current theological perspectives on, topics such as abortion, euthanasia, treatment of terminal illnesses, the ethics of genetic research, patient rights, physician-assisted suicide, and justice issues in health-care delivery. PR = TH601, MT600.

MT729 The Theology and Ethics of Bonhoeffer

An historical analysis of the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, with a focus on his work in the areas of Christian theology and ethics. Also offered as MT/ST729. PR = none. Cross-listed as ST729. PR = TH601, MT600 or ST601. Also offered as MT529. (PR = none.)

MT748 The Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas

This course is an introduction to the theological ethics of Stanley Hauerwas.  PR = Th601.

MT751 Christian Social Ethics

An examination of scriptural, theological, and ethical principles of Christian social thought with an emphasis on current ecclesiastical statements and ecumenical approaches to social issues. PR = TH601, MT600.

MT756 The Gospels and Social Justice

A study of social justice themes in the four gospels and their application to contemporary social problems. Cross-listed as BS756. PR = BS600, TH601, and either BS622 or BS635.

MT757 Ethics and Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible

An examination of ethical and social justice themes in the Hebrew Bible and their application to contemporary issues. Cross-listed as BS757. PR = BS600, TH601, and either BS621, BS625, or BS630.