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Systematic Theology

Systematic theology is the careful analysis of the philosophical implications and the doctrinal content of faith as expressed in the creeds, doctrines, and theological writings of the Christian tradition. Confessional diversity is acknowledged and explored in the systematic theology courses of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute. Constructive dialogue and mutual understanding are intended to foster appreciation of the faith of others as well as one’s own.

Note the following abbreviations: PR = prerequisite; CR = corequisite; PR/CR = either a prerequisite or a corequisite. Corequisites may be taken either at the same time as or before the course listed. Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived only with the permission of the Dean and the instructor.

ST601 Foundations of Systematic Theology

A survey of basic theological topics, such as revelation, the Triune God, sin and grace, Christ, salvation, and the church, with attention to theological method and historical development. PR/CR = TH601.

ST611 The Person and Work of Jesus Christ

A study of the person and mission of Jesus Christ in the light of biblical, patristic, medieval, and contemporary systematic reflection. PR = TH601, ST601.

ST623 Theological Uses of Philosophy

A study of the role of philosophical thinking and of major philosophers in
theology. PR = TH601.

ST625 Judaism and Christianity: Two Types of Faith

A survey of similarities and differences in Jewish and Christian understandings of God, salvation, messiah, Scripture, incarnation, and other foundational concepts. Cross-listed as ES625. PR = TH601; ST601 recommended. 

ST650 Laughter and God: The Place of Humor in Christianity

A study of the role of humor in the Bible, theology, and Christian life. PR = TH601.

ST690 Perspectives in Roman Catholic Theology

A survey of the task, methods, sources, and principal doctrines of Roman Catholic theology, including God and the Trinity, the church and grace, liturgy and sacraments, and eschatology. PR = TH601, ST601.

ST691 Contemporary Roman Catholic Ecclesiology and Ethics

An in-depth study of the nature, ministry, and mission of the church in Catholic teaching as the context for examining current issues. Cross-listed as MT691. PR = TH601, MT600, ST601.

ST693 Readings in Systematic Theology

This one-credit seminar focuses on reading an advanced text in systematic theology. Take three times to equal one elective requirement.  PR = ST601 and either BS621 or BS622

ST713 The Theology and Ethics of Hospitality

An examination of the biblical, theological, and moral aspects of hospitality and their relation to contemporary moral and political issues. Cross-listed as MT713. PR = TH601.

ST721 The Triune God

An exploration of the Christian approach to the mystery of God as Triune, including its biblical roots, the theological tradition, and contemporary voices. PR = TH601, ST601.

ST723 Dreams and Divinity

A theological history of the idea of dreams as revelation. PR/CR = TH601.

ST724 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

A biblical, historical, and theological study of the person and mission of the Spirit. PR = TH601, ST601.

ST745 Perspectives in Black Theology

A survey of the work of black theologians, including Martin Luther King, Jr., James Cone, and J. Deotis Roberts, and a consideration of their contributions to black identity and contemporary theology. PR = TH601, ST601.

ST761 Roman Catholic Sacramental Theology and Canon Law for Pastoral Ministers

A study of sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and relevant aspects of canon law for those who will engage in parish pastoral ministry. Cross-listed as PT761. PR = TH601 and either ST690 or ST691.

ST782  Christianity and its Critics

A survey of critics of Christianity from the early church to the present, including such figures as Celsus, Hume, Nietzsche, Freud, Hitchens, in order to understand, evaluate and respond to their critiques. PR = TH601.

ST794 Seminar in Systematic Theology

A seminar on a topic in systematic theology. PR = BS600, TH601, ST601, and at least one additional ST course, or matriculation in the C.A.S. program.