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Human Trafficking

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When  we finished reading the chapter on The Body of Christ in Action, we decided to do a car wash. Our goal was to bring an awareness of this horrible industry into our community as well as collect money to donate to the Catholic Relief Services.  We really wanted to help financially support the CRS  charities that were helping trafficked victims. After considering the almost constant rainfall on Saturday, we decided to make a information table at our church instead. We made a big Tri-fold on the different types of human trafficking as well as a flyer with basic facts. and places where you can go to find more useful information and ways to get involved with an effort to stop this injustice. We handed out flyers after several of the Masses on Sunday.

We had  a few really great conversations with people who knew a lot about trafficking.  One woman who came by our table was super informed and professionally involved with efforts on our state level.  She exchanged contact info with the three of us with a plea for us to get involved in helping her efforts. We also were able to spread the message to people who did not know about human trafficking here in the United States as well as in other countries.

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