St. Mary's Seminary & University

Book Lists Fall 2024

Historical Studies

HS 500 Ancient and Medieval Church History (Castillo)

HS 500-Ancient-Medieval-Christianity

HS 570 Ancient and Medieval Church History (Castillo)

HS 570-American-Catholicism

Moral & Spirituality Studies

MS 571 Medical Ethics (Jaskowak)

MS 571MS571 Medical Ethics

MS 501 Catholic Social Ethics (Jaskowak)

MS 501 MS501 Catholic Social Ethics


Pastoral Studies

PS 503 Canon Law I (Hansen)

PS 503 PS503 Canon Law I

PS 512 Preaching from the Lectionary (McCormack)

PS 512 PS512 Preaching through the Lectionary

PS 530 Pastoral Care & Practice I (Roth)

PS 530

PS 540 Pastor as Catechist (Fosarelli)

PS 540

Systematic-Liturgical Studies

SL 502 Ecclesiology (Hansen)

SL 502 SL502 Ecclesiology

SL 503 Theological Anthropology (M. Dugandzic)

SL 503 SL503 Theological Anthropology

SL 505 Theology of the Eucharist (Nguyen)

SL 505

SL 507 Doctrine of God (Aspray)

SL 507 SL507 Doctrine of God

SL 511 Introduction to Liturgy (1.5) (Starke)

SL 511 SL511 Introduction to Liturgy

SL 552 Patristics (1.5) (Laytham)

SL 552 SL552 Patristic Theology 1.5 cr

SL 553 Patristic Theology (Laytham)

SL 553 SL553 Patristic Theology (3cr)

SL 554 Marian Theology & Spirituality (1.5) (Starke)

SL 554 SL554 Marian Theology

SL 555 Eschatology (1.5) (Starke)
SL 555

Sacred Scripture

SS 502 Acts, the Catholic Epistles, and Revelation (Burton)

SS 502

SS 503 The Gospel of John (Maillet)

SS 503

SS 504 The Bible in the Church (1.5) (Burton)

SS 504 SS504 The Bible in the Church

SS 530 Prophetic Literature (Maillet)

SS 530

Pre-Theology Studies and Languages

BL 201 Ecclesiastical Latin I (Buskirk)

BL 201 BL201 Latin I

BL/BS 611 Biblical Hebrew I (Maillet)

BL 611

HUMS 203 Sacred Art, Architecture, and Music (Smith and Podles)

HUMS 203 HUMS203 Sacred Art, Architecture and Music

HUMS 204 Sources of American Culture I (1.5) (A. Dugandzic)

HUMS 204 HUMS 204 Sources of American Culture I

PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophical Argumentation (Macias)

PHIL 100 PHIL100 Philosophical Argumentation

PHIL 204 Metaphysics (McAllister)

PHIL 204 PHIL204 Metaphysics

PHIL205 Philosophical Ethics

PHIL205 PHIL 205 Philosophical Ethics Updated

PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy (McAllister)

PHIL 301 PHIL301 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy (Gonzales)

PHIL 303 PHIL303

PHIL 305 Epistemology (McAllister)

PHIL 305 PHIL305 Epistemology

PHIL 307 Philosophy of Nature (Macias)

PHIL 307 PHIL307 Philosophy of Nature


BS690 Readings in Biblical Greek (Gorman)

BS690 BS690 Readings in Biblical Greek

BS733 Romans: Paul’s Gospel Then & Now (Gorman)

BS733 BS733 Romans-Paul’s Gospel Then and Now

MUSC 504 Music and the Voice (Miller)

MUSC 504

SL 792 Contemporary Liturgical Spirituality (Starke)

SL 792 SL792 Contemporary Liturgical Spirituality

MS 892 Dignitatis Humanae and the Church’s Teaching on Religious Freedom (Billy)

MS 892 MS892 Religious Freedom