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Darkness to Light


I will act upon what I know about human trafficking by raising awareness at Catholic High. Since I am only a teenager, I cannot go out and help people being sexually trafficked one on one. I know that everyone at Catholic High will be ready and willing to help this cause in any way that they can, which is why I am very confident that we will be able to raise a lot of awareness in the school, and maybe even outside the school as well and into the community.

I have found a great organization called Darkness to Light. This group actively helps children who have been sexually abused or trafficked. I would like to keep a close relationship with this organization and Catholic High. I know that we can raise a lot of money for them in more collections in the future as well as bake sales and free dress days.

Thank you to everyone who helps out with this cause!

 Additional Student Projects:

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At- Risk groups of the World 

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Human Trafficking Brochure  : We have created a brochure about Human Trafficking and ways to spread awareness. We have decided to send out this brochure to our school at the end of the week. In addition, shared a fact about human trafficking on the school announcements every morning.

Human Trafficking Awareness Display after Sunday Masses


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