St. Mary's Seminary & University

Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.)

The Master of Arts (Theology) Program (M.A.) is a 48-graduate credit program that provides foundational studies in the main disciplines of theology, including Sacred Scripture, Church History, and Systematic, Spiritual, Moral, and Pastoral Theology. Students must earn a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00. In the School of Theology the Master of Arts (Theology) program is open to three particular cohorts of students:

  1. Students who have earned the Bachelor of Arts degree at St. Mary’s:
    1. The program is designed to be completed over a four semester period;
    2. Seminarians are also obliged to complete all pastoral requirements which are not credited toward this degree.
  2. Students who have withdrawn from St. Mary’s prior to completing the Master of Divinity:
    1. The program is designed to completed over a four semester period, generally for first full two      years of seminary graduate study;
    2. The Dean’s permission is required to change programs;
    3. The requirement of a 3.00 cumulative Grade Point Average and successful completion of the examination process remain in force.
  3. Students with advanced standing in the Master of Divinity program:
    1. In accordance with accreditation standards, the School of Theology allows up to 24 credits from the Master of Divinity program to a concurrent Master of Arts (Theology) program;
    2. The remaining 24 credits are taken as electives in consultation with the Dean of the School of Theology;
    3. Matriculation in this concurrent program is reserved to students significantly academically advanced, and who could reasonably fulfill all requirements in the time frame generally recognized by their respective dioceses.

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